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Setup Brilliant Smart PIR 360 with Home Assistant

On a recent trip to Bunnings in Belmont I discovered this "smart" PIR motion sensor from Brilliant Lighting, now I don't mind the Brilliant Lighting WIFI fan controllers so I thought I would try it, I also needed a new sensor for my garage so I got it and the IP66 version for outside as well.

I works like any other 240v motion sensor and can be install by any electrician. Once installed I connected it to the Tuya Smart app with zero problems. I was great you can set the time the sensor will switch on for, in my case the garage lights, from 10 seconds to 10 minutes. You can set the lux level from 0 to 2000 for which it will operate, so I set mine at zero(Dark) so it will only turn on the lights if the garage door is down or it's up and night time. I tried a walk test and it's responsiveness was above acceptable. I was also easy to install, and it's build quality was high. I feel like a salesman now, but for $30 this was great.

The next part was getting my tuya local key, for which I'm full setup to do, so that took 5 seconds, and recorded it in my Tuya Local key spreadsheet for easy access. Unfortunately I could not access the data point information, I would need to figure it out by trial and error so you don't need too. BTW I'm using Tuya Local in Home Assisant here, and here are the data points:

DP 102- Number - LUX Level 0(Dark) - 2000(Daylight)

DP 103- Number Time in second on 10 -600

DP 104- Select(ENUM) Mode 0;1;2 / Auto;Override;Test DP 106- Select(ENUM) Sensitivity 0;1;2 / Low;Medium;High DP 107- Switch - Disables the motion sensor DP 108- Binary Sensor - ON Motion (ON value = True) (OFF value = False)

One type of Tuya Local entity type that can be slightly confusing is the select option platform. Below is the setup of the PIR Sensitivity, they look like numbers because if shows 0,1,2 but they are not integer's they are ENUMerators(Names for numbers), which is handled by the select option in tuya local. And the picture should explain how to enter them in because config flow does lack information in that regard.

Some interesting other points are the switch DP 107 will disable the sensor if you have nuisance triggering handy if it was outside, it doesn't as such operate the relay to operate the lights, you need to you the Override to manually turn the lights on.

Secondly motion detection continues to turn on and off with motion regularly when if the light remains on, it does not retrigger the time though.

And lastly DP102 Lux does not measure light levels and display it to you, but rather you set a level at which the sensor will operate, which is very typical when it comes to regular motion sensors.

Now this sensor is great if you want one like this, pick this one. But there are missed oportunities here, and I'm using all my self control to not run of and try and make the ultimate smart motion sensor, because in honestly this one is fine, so I'll leave it at that.

Now I did use a shelly 2.5 to manually override the garage lights with a switch, so turn on and switch and the shelly relay will turn on the garage lights, if I'm working in the garage I might want them to just stay on, and the second relay provides power to the sensor itself and will stay on basicly always, I have detached the second relay and switch and finally use the second switch to turn on my office light via Home Assistant. I now have to options to disable the sensor, I will probably never want to though. But because the shelly powers the sensor I can if I want accurately measure total power usage in the garage.

Here is a diagram if it helps, but understand there are multiple ways to wire a sensor, none of which are necessarily wrong, someways may be better though. One thing to keep in mind, if you use a sensor like this one to switch a really low powered device, like the input of a shelly(so milli amps) it will eventually so working if the contacts are not gold plated because of corrosion from the tiny current, and I'm very sure that the contacts are not gold plated most of the time, I have discovered this from experience and it can be confusing as to why your circuit is not working reliably.

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