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Easy Recticulation Controller V3

Easy Upgrade

- Works with Home Assistant

- No accounts or ongoing costs

- Simple and easy to use

- Available as with ESP8285 MCU or NEW ESP32-C3 MCU

- NEW compact size will fit inside many older existing systems as an upgrade

- Control your existing system from home assistant in minutes


NOTE: WIFI coverage is required at the existing controller


- 6 x Outputs to control standard reticulation 24vac solenoid valves

- Outputs can also control 24vac Contactor to turn on a pump or bore

- 2 x Digital Input/Outputs for pushbuttons or LED indicators

- 1 x Input for rain sensor contact

- 1 x JST SH 1.0mm Connector for I2C expansion boards

- Compatible with MAX31328, DS1307, DS3231 realtime clocks

- Easy to use, and install with 2 year warranty

- Available as with ESP8285 MCU or ESP32-C3 MCU

Open Source

Would you rather make it yourself, the design file for the PCB are available for personal use and of course the YAML files to connect the device to ESPhome are available too.

The Easy Reticulation Controller V2 is super easy to flash with programming pins broken out to a 2.54mm pin header and can easily be used with the Arduino IDE as well for projects other than Reticulation.

With on going support and development more will be available to make use of in the future, with a stand-alone version coming soon as well Bluetooth connectivity. 




Why did I Make this?

The Easy-Reticulation Controller is designed to be small, simple to use, low cost, versatile and customizable.

The reason I started this project is that I noticed that frequently, households have reticulation controllers installed that cost around $300 and are packed with features, which is fine if you need them, but most people don't.  I have found most people only use up to 3 zones and a master solenoid at most. So I designed a small simple controller that would work with Home Assistant, could be mounted inside an Allbro ENL160806P case, and could also be used to retrofit into an existing old school controller if you already have one to save on the need to buy a case or 24v transformer to run everything via WIFI. 

I have been working on this project for over a year now, testing and trying out different components for reliability, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness.

This is the first in a range of easy-to-use control products, that can be connected to a control system like Home Assistant but will also work on their own with no internet connection at all to enable you to do some pretty cool and handy things......More to come on that soon!! 

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