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At the start each day we all have the opportunity to be better, learn more and improve our knowledge so every day can make us wiser if we let it... thats worth waking up for.  

I have been working in the electrical industry for 25 years, and I am proud to say that my father taught me my trade, I enjoyed working in my fathers business for 7 years and then ventured out on my own to do new and interesting projects, covering air conditioning, smart building integration, micro-controller coding applied to edge devices in building automation, and design and installation of various communication networks such as Modbus, DALI, Wireless, CANbus etc.

The mode of operation I follow it research, implement, test, measure, improve.  Always asking others and myself is there a better way to do this? With many years of hands on experience, I can help solve problems, increase efficiency, enable reduced maintenace, by experienced selection of what system to use, how it is implemented, physically installed and maintained, on projects of any size.

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