About Us

At the start each day we all have the opportunity to be better, learn more and improve our knowledge so every day can make us wiser if we let it... thats worth waking up for.  

I have been working in the electrical industry for 20 years, and I am proud to say that my father taught me my trade, I enjoyed working in my fathers business for 7 years and then ventured out on my own to learn as much stuff as I could, I have always had a great interest in air conditioning and after training for a restricted refrigeration licence went on to install lots of air conditioners, I still like to install air conditioners but don't do so many ducted installs any more as I have recently down sized and simplified my life in order to spend more time with my new family(kids).

As we are a small business, we can offer a personalised good value service.  We keep our overheads low and strive to simplify life, which likewise benefits our customers, making their life simpler.  Giving everyone more time to be better, learn more, gain knowledge and enjoy life.

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