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The main show piece of this module it the new MAX31329, from Analog Device, RTC with accuracy of 5 PMM, integrated crystal,  trickle charger, power management for backup of clock time which will run on a super capacitor, for a few days before charging is required.


The module it self features a power indicator LED, pin out pads, and 2 x 1mm JST SH connector for I2C , power and ground, so that it can be daisy chained with other devices, it also has 2 x 4.7k pullup resistors.


The MAX31329 has a long list of features:

• Increases Battery Life

• 240nA Timekeeping Current

• Trickle Charger for External Supercapacitor or Rechargeable Battery

• Provides Flexible Configurability

• A Schmitt Trigger Input for Event Detection

• Programmable Square-Wave Output for Clock Monitoring

• Two Interrupt Pins for Multiple Wakeup Configurations

• Clock Input Pin for External Clock Synchronization

• Saves Board Space

• Integrated Crystal and Load Capacitors Tuned to ±5ppm Typical Clock Accuracy

• 5mm x 5mm, 10-Pin LGA Package

• Value-Added Features for Ease-of-Use

• +1.6V to +5.5V Operating Voltage Range

• Two Time-of-Day Alarms

• Countdown Timer with Repeat and Pause Functions

• 64-Byte RAM for User Data Storage

• Integrated Protection

• Power-on Reset for Default Configuration

• Automatic Switchover to Backup Battery or Supercapacitor on Power-Fail

• Lockup-Free Operation with Bus Timeout


There is an Arduino Library that can be used to access most of the features of this RTC:

MAX31329 Real Time Clock Module

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