• The smallest, smartest, WIFI switch, the easiest and most versatile soluton for retrofit or new home automation.
  • Small enough to fit in an Australian wall switch, works best with a momentary push button
  • No hub is required, can connect directly to your WIFI network.
  • Complete with RESTapi and CoAP so it is easy to connect with any home automation system
  • Works with a wide range of voltage from 12vdc up to 240vac
  • Australian Compliant


If you are in Western Australia, Perth installation is availaible which includes warranty parts and labor, and delivery for $132


Phone or email support available with any product purchased.


Shelly 1

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  • This product can be used in DIY prodject at extra low voltage, however in Australian if you wish to install it connected to the power network you must be a lisenced electrician.

    This product is compatiable with iOS and Android, Google Assistant and Alexa for voice control.

    Remote control no matter where you are with Shelly Cloud

    Weekly schedules and sunset/sunrise time features

    Can be programmed with arduino IDE, made for people that like to hack, a programming header are accessible, to flash with different firmware.